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Dogsledding in the Canadian Rockies

Ever wonder how early explorers got around in knee deep snow? Experience the thrill of dog sledding on mountain trails in the majestic Canadian Rockies. Relax in the cozy sled or drive an exceptional team of huskies under your guide's supervision – harness, mush and reward the dogs with a treat – be as an interactive as you please. With expert guides, endless pristine backcountry terrain, and all the necessary dog handling instruction at your fingertips, dogsledding is an experience not to be missed during your stay.

Dog Sledding is one of Canada´s oldest official sports. It became an official sport in 1908 B.H. (before hockey), in Canada´s Yukon Territory. Of course, it really began thousands of years prior to this! Our Native North Americans such as the Canadian Indian and Inuit tribes were the foremost peoples to use the huskies in an interdependent relationship. In fact, the horses which are featured in most of our North American movies are not native to North America.

Horses were introduced through Texas into this continent by the Spaniards. When our Native ancestors first observed a horse they labeled them "Spirit Dog" or "Elk Dog". The dog had been such a principal part of their lifestyle in both summer and winter for over 3,000 years! More recently our vast Canadian panorama was charted and explored using these magnificent huskies that belonged to our Native Canadians and Inuit. The main reason these Canadian northern breeds were chosen was that other breeds of dogs could not withstand the terrain and climate that the original Indian and Eskimo Dogs commanded. Some of these blood lines are still used today. Extreme Rockies' tour partners prefer the companionship of this type of husky over "pure" or "show quality" dogs. There are many reasons for our fondness to the use of Canadian Indian or Canadian Eskimo Dogs. One reason is that we and our predecessors never bred them for their looks, but for performance and intelligence as it relates to survival and trekking in our majestic, pristine Canadian north. Canadian Eskimo Dogs for example have totally distinct inherent characteristics which differ from other huskies especially when it comes to their ancestral knowledge of the ice conditions and wildlife detection.

Dog Sled Tours

Extreme Rockies offers a variety of dogsledding tours from 2 hours to overnight backcountry trips with the Canadian Rockies' most respected guides. The tours typically run from late November to early April. Transportation from all hotels in Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise, Jasper and Kananaskis is available. Boots and some other outerwear items are available for rent if we are notified in advance. Be sure to contact us about the different dogsledding adventures available.

Powder Hound Express

This program is tailored to suit visitors who may have a tight itinerary or quite simply feel that an hour on the trail is enough! Enjoy the panoramic views along the trail from Tunnel Mountain in Banff National Park, Goat Pond and then the gentle seclusion of the West Side camp in Spray Lakes where you will sip warming refreshments and sample our famous "mystery cookies". All tours begin with a 30 minute Introduction & Instruction where you learn sledding safety and how to drive a team of huskies. Driving the teams is optional.

Departs Spray Lake (near Canmore) at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm daily.

The Sunfeather Winterlude

This half day excursion is surely our most popular! Enjoy the exciting , enchanting and picturesque trail system meandering through entwined forests of towering, wintry black spruce. Stop to savor slow roasted deli smokies and other delicacies done up Canadian style. Afterwards, glide along whimsical trails adjacent to the mystic Goat Creek. You'll have plenty of time to perfect your driving skills. Also begins with the half hour Introduction & Instrustion where you will learn sledding safety and how to drive a dog team!

Departs Spray Lake (near Canmore) at 9am and 1pm daily.

Snowy Mountain Winter Village

A unique experience in the snow! A true snow day, this program offers a two hour dog sledding program which includes an introduction and instruction, an hour out on the trail then a warm campfire with hot apple cider and cookies. You will then be transported into the Winter Village by snowshoe care of White Mountain Adventures and partake in winter games like toboganning, shelter building and much more. An extra snack is also served by campfire. This is a wonderful program for families and groups of all types.

Departs Spray Lake (near Canmore) at 9am and 1pm daily.

The Flight of the Great Snowy Owl

Climb aboard the most exciting winter sightseeing adventure you could possibly imagine! Alpine Helicopters will soar you to the perfectly pristine wilderness of our spectacular Rocky Mountains. Glide over ice blue glaciers and deep mountain passes covered with the soft white down of winter. Be ready for a special surprise as you begin your decent towards the dazzling beauty of the Spray Lakes Valley. Here you will rendezvous with your dog sled guide. Go further back in time to experience one of the oldest forms of winter travel on earth. Enjoy a truly memorable half day sled dog adventure including a traditional Native Canadian Lunch and full sledding instruction. Transportation from this hidden valley back to Canmore, Banff or Lake Louise will be via van.

Departs Spray Lake (near Canmore) at 8:30am and 12:30pm daily.

Spirit of the Dog Society

Our full day program is a must for those who have a desire to actually live a day in the life of a Canadian Musher. Embark on this tour at the crack of dawn, finish in the late afternoon or early evening. Enjoy an exciting interview with our Huskies in their kennel! You'll have an opportunity to introduce yourself to all 140 of them. While on the trail, take a break from the dogs to snowshoe into the serenity of the timberland where you will learn skills in tracking other indigenous inhabitants such as wolves, cougars, rabbits, etc. vital to the harmony of life in our strong northern nation. After you build your snow shelter, settle down to lunch and stories around the campfire. You won't want to leave! Morning kennel visit is available for self-drivers; apres tour kennel visit available to those on transportation.

Departs Spray Lake (near Canmore) at 9:00am daily.

Legends of the Snow Moon

Moonlight Rendezvous - In our culture, as in many others, the moon lends itself to stories and romance! This is an unforgettable evening feature that will reveal some dazzling philosophy held by our Natives and Inuit about our winter sky. Snuggle under warm blankets as your dogs frolic in the soft, glittering snow. If you're celebrating an occasion with a special someone, why not let us look after the "details!" While on the trail, enjoy warming refreshments with sumptuous pastries or choose a sparkling champagne served with baked hors d'oeuvres.

Departs Spray Lake (near Canmore) at 5:00pm every Tue and Thu from Jan to March.

Ghosts of Fortune Mountain

During the winter months in Canada, there are generally less hours of sunlight. It is said that the Inuit gathered, feasted, danced, and played games when the sun disappeared until the sun returned. Enjoy two full days of touring including adventurous options, kennel visits, and hearty meals. Begin with soft, gentle trails then progress to navigate intermediate terrain. Spend the night in our genuine, heated Sioux Indian Tipi. Discover important beliefs and understandings of our Native and Inuit cultures that have been overlooked for too many generations. Learn the legend of the Tipi! Heed the long, wailing cry of the Timber Wolves who often manifest themselves in the dancing shadows at the fire. This is an exclusive experience you'll have fond dreams of forever!

Exclusive trip available from Jan to Mar dependent on snow pack.

Not all Canadian rockies dogsled tour options are displayed here on the website. Please contact us for more details on trips available during your preferred dates.

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